It’s your future….

Not all heroes wear capes but in our community, it doesn’t hurt to have your first $12k month to reach hero status! SFM member, Hayden proves that ”regular mortals” can do the same if they put in the work, invest in their digital skills education, and remain true to themselves. Here’s what he had to say about his milestone…
💰 Is it possible to make $10k online? 💰
Of course it is!
For all of those successful people right? The ones who have that secret that we don’t have?
But can such regular mortals such as you and I achieve such a feat? Am I good enough? 🤦‍♂️
Like me you may have had this exact conversation in your head, many times! 🤨
If you are early in your journey or have been here a while and haven’t yet seen the success you were hoping for, I want to offer you a small piece of encouragement.
You are good enough and you absolutely are capable of earning your first $10k online! 💪
I’ve just proven this to myself with my first $12k month! 😱
What’s the secret?
Ok I’ll let one slip…
You ready? 😬
Be a Human… 🤗
What kind of a tip is that Hayden?! 🤷‍♂️
There are sooooo many new skills and concepts we need to learn as we go on our Entrepreneurial journey that it is very easy to get caught up in all the tips, tricks and tactics. Talking about conversions, views, clicks, tracking, re-targeting, open rates, sales. All statistics and algorithms. 🕵️‍♂️
Don’t get me wrong these are all extremely important and I have spreadsheets for days to track my numbers.
What I’m trying to say is don’t lose sight of your unique self and the people you are trying to connect with.
On the other side of those statistics is a real life imperfect Human being just like you! With their own unique stories, hopes, dreams and fears. 👩👨👩‍🦱👩‍🦰👨‍🦰👱‍♀️👩‍🦳👨‍🦳🧑‍🦳
If you have the honour of connecting with your members, take the time to truly listen to them. Put yourself in their shoes and with Integrity do your best to guide them on their path. Ask questions and truly listen.
I wish you all great success on your journeys.
Be kind, Be a Human, Be a Leader! 😊” – Congrats, Hayden!
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There’s a different path to getting what you need…

  • How to grow an audience and be of value during these changing times.
  • What products or services to sell and how to sell them.
  • What the most effective online marketing methods to use are.
  • What’s working today in the online business world.
  • What tools and resources to use and even which ones to avoid.

Since launching in 2010, we’ve shown thousands of people from almost every walk of life how to lay the right foundation to achieve success in today’s digital world. Our mission is helping individuals just like you to develop the recession-proof skills they need to not only survive but thrive in the changing economy. The students we witness succeed include people:

  • Who want to stay relevant in a rapidly changing economy
  • Who want to develop current and dynamic digital skills
  • Who want to gain knowledge and expertise in a recession-proof field
  • Who want to start or grow a business they love
  • Who want to earn income from home or anywhere with an internet connection
  • Who want to bring new value to their existing business or career
  • Who want uncapped income potential
  • Who want to be financially self-sufficient
  • Who want to grow multiple income streams



What work can I do from home?

Generating Income Online

Whether you are just getting started, have some existing online business experience, or are just ready to go to that next level, SFM is the place to be!

People New to Online Business:

SFM offers one of the most easy-to-follow step-by-step online marketing opportunities in the world for those who are looking to generate income online starting from scratch. We also have great opportunities for existing affiliate marketers. In either case, you’ll learn how to sell life-changing products with the potential to be paid life-changing commissions selling products in virtually any niche and around any interest you can imagine. We have some of the most advanced affiliate systems and technologies on the marketplace. What you’ll discover for yourself is that we offer one of the most exciting opportunities on the Internet.

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Who want to find more meaning in the work that they do

Imagine the amount of freedom and flexibility when being able to work from anywhere in the world just using your laptop!


Freedom Of Time

Stop trading time for money! With the help of tools online many tedious tasks can be automated, letting you focus on the things you’re really passionate about. Skip the 9 to 5 and decide for yourself when and how much you want to work!

Geographical Freedom

Be able to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection! Is it at home with your kids? In a ski chalet or perhaps at the beach at a beautiful resort? It’s totally up to you! 


Wealth includes much more than just money. It’s about quality of life and being able to do whatever you want, when you want, with whomever you want. Wealth is truly about freedom, freedom of not having to worry and freedom from your own personal constraints.

Earn While You Learn

Many people start with their online business as a compliment to their ordinary jobs. No matter if you already have an existing product to sell or not you will be able to start putting the skills you learn into action and generate an *income while you are learning them.

Training And Education

The training included is set together by proven experts in the field. You will start by getting access to step-by-step getting started modules, bit-sized tutorials, weekly live training and constantly updated material about the online marketing world.


How it works

The SFM will help you become online internet entrepreneurs.  This cutting edge education programme gives you the online and marketing and sales knowledge so you can run and grow your online business from anywhere in the world.  As a member of the SFM you will have access to the following:

  • Step-by-Step Training and Education
  • Your Personal Consultant and Private Coaching
  • Weekly Training Webinars
  • Dedicated System Support Team
  • Exclusive Private Members Community Membership
  • Attend ‘Live’ Events
  • Access to a host of tools and apps that will assist you to create websites, graphics and videos without having to purchase and learn complicated software.
What’s Stopping You Taking Action?

I don’t have the technical skills or the knowledge

I am a self-declared ‘Technical Moron’.  If you can type, learn from watching videos and use email then you’ve got 90% of the skills you need.  Everything else you will learn at your own pace and most of the technical stuff is automated for you.

I’m too old to start, I’ve missed the boat

I was over 40 when I started my online business and I see many people well into their 60’s and even 70’s start a successful business from scratch.  You’ll never be as young as you are right now so take action before you get any older!

I’m too busy with work and family, I don’t have the time

This was by far my biggest problem.  Time is the only commodity that you’re never going to get back so imagine how much time could you find each day or each week if you knew that eventually it could mean not having to work for someone else again?

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