Upptäck hur du kan jobba endast via internet

Vill man jobba hemifrån och endast via Internet och inte har en egen digital produkt då har SFM online business ett stort sortiment av digitala tjänster inom business och internet marknadsföring och där man får bra mycket för varje tjänst som kunder världen över tar del av. Dessutom behöver man aldrig sälja själv utan det får man hjälp med av SFM säljteamet. Och ett otroligt utbud av utbildningar om hur man kan driva trafik på Internet, dvs hur kunderna hittar tjänsterna.


This is a reliable process that works for anyone willing to work hard

The internet is awash with information on ways to make money.

You can read whatever you want and be sucked in by all of the different types of sales techniques and watch all the You Tube videos of people with their laptop on the beach or super cars in the background but here is the question that you need to ask yourself:

If their idea is so good, why are they telling anyone about it?

Why don’t they just go ahead and do it themselves and scale it up and make millions from it?

Why would they tell you?

The reason is that they are themselves looking to make money in the way of membership fees or commissions.

With any opportunity to make money either online or offline you need to look into what is on offer and do you own due diligence.

Just because there is some form of payment required does not automatically mean there is something wrong with it. What it does mean is that you simply need to access for yourself whether it is right for you and whether it is worth the money being asked.

Unfortunately, there has been a big trend in the use of the word “SCAM”.

Of course there are scammers out there and there always will be, people that are selling false dreams and are just looking to fleece you.

It’s very important that you do not tar everyone with the same brush and assume that everyone is “out to get you” because that is simply not true and if you take that view you will never do anything and only ever think that you are getting “scammed”.

Most of the time people that use the word “scam” do not understand the simple principals of how to make money online. The worst case scenario is to identify and maybe pay for a legitimate opportunity and because you don’t make any money in the first few months you immediately chalk it down as a scam.

There is something that everyone needs to know before even looking for an opportunity that may be a good fit. You are guaranteed to fail if you are not able to understand the fundamental thing that leads to success. It doesn’t matter whether you look in the world of business or sport, the people that stand out from everyone else do exactly the same thing to achieve success and there is a price to pay.

I have studied many people across the worlds of business and sport and there is a very common theme. It may be hard to believe but a lot of the time these people DID NOT have any special talent whatsoever. Their “secret” was simply that they tried harder than everyone else.

There are hundreds of examples of this with the most famous being the likes of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, Elon Musk.

Basically, in a nutshell, when everyone else went home, they stayed on to hone their craft. It’s all they did and it’s all they ever thought of.

Here in one sentence, completely for free is what you need to bring to the table if you want to make money online:

“Dedication, hard work and an unrelenting commitment to doing things that you want to see happen”

If you can do that then you will have a monumental advantage over the vast majority of people and you WILL realise your dreams of financial freedom.

There are a large number of legitimate opportunities out there – you just have to find them. The secret is to find a program where you have huge upside and as close to zero downside as you can possibly find.

You research the options and you weigh up the pros and cons. As a general rule you should avoid paying money upfront, followed by a higher monthly fee and then the deeper down the rabbit hole you get the more they ask for. Alarm bells should ring if you have to start paying out thousands or anything even close to that before you start to get some results.

The SFM provide educational material and provide platforms for you to create your own online business.

The training that they provide focuses on a well established online business model known as affiliate marketing. If this is not something that you are familiar with then you can see a full explanation in this post on how to start in affiliate marketing.

You get promised the earth…

  • Quit the 9 to 5 and get rid of your boss. Take a vacation at the drop of a hat.
  • Make Money 24 hours a day. Even while you are asleep. Take 4 months off and the money keeps coming.
  • You are underpaid and overworked. Stop making your boss rich and keep all the money for yourself.
  • Work on the beach. Take off whenever you want, live wherever you want and do what you want.
  • More family time. Forget 2 hours a day travelling to and from work. Work from your couch.
  • Earn vast sums of money. The world is your oyster. Buy anything you want. Its all yours for the taking

This is a reliable process that works for anyone willing to work hard.

This has been working for people for more than 13 years and the market is continually growing.

This is not a one hit wonder. This is active source of income for thousands of people using this exact same process day in day out

This is not reserved for the super intelligent or people with loads of money. It is open to normal everyday people like you and me.

It really is as simple as 1,2,3,4

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Since launching in 2010, The SFM have shown hundreds of people from almost every walk of life how to lay the right foundation to achieve an online business that earns revenue. Our passion is helping individuals achieve their lifestyle goals and the students we’ve been proud to see succeed include:

  • People that are dissatisfied with their job or employer
  • Work-at-home parents
  • People who want to change their life path
  • People looking to make some extra income
  • Unemployed people hit by the global recession
  • Retired veterans
  • Grandparents
  • People with zero business experience
  • Affiliate and network marketers looking for opportunities
  • Existing business owners (online and offline)
  • College and university students
  • Professionals like bankers, lawyers, and doctors

A digital business system that includes all the marketing, products, systems and support you need to succeed online.

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Internet Business Ideas

A “lifestyle entrepreneur” is an entrepreneur who makes their living online. They don’t have a physical location or need one to operate. All they need is a laptop and connection to the Internet to manage their business. There are several tools and software they use, but they’re portable.

“Learn what you need to know, to do what you love to do, so you can be the person you know you can be. That is the journey of a lifestyle entrepreneur on the road to mastery!”

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You are seeking financial and time freedom to pursue your passions.  We will help you to put a plan in place, and our valuable training will help you break-through in the areas that are most important to you.

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The maturity of the digital economy provides everyone the power to create a business that is fulfilling, and that gives you time and financial freedom. We will provide you with powerful tools to quickly achieve this.

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By leveraging education, our community, and your experiences you’ll map a way of operating that you’ve never had access to before. Make no mistake that hard work is required initially, but you will finally get to live YOUR life, YOUR way.


En strålande dag

Oj vad tiden springer iväg. Vi har haft Student för vår dotter och så har vi firat Midsommar. Nu är det några veckors arbete och sen är efterlängtad semester.

Idag är en strålande dag och vår business blomstrar. Bara älskar detta digitala liv. Att få Congratulations från Stuart & Jay via email , att vi har fått försäljning är en otrolig känsla. Utan att själv sälja. Det har säljteamet gjort åt oss och vi har gjort jobbet genom digital marknadsföring. WHAU!! Vilket koncept!


Vi vill gärna dela med oss hur man kan jobba endast via internet